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Welcome to Latasha 

Latasha Haute Couture is fabric store  that provides its customers the latest, trendiest and high quality products. The Latasha Store is a destination point for anyone looking for top quality designer  fabrics. We believe fabric has the power to do more than make a garment, but it can make a difference through altering perceptions, emotions and building confidence. We also believe in doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

 We strive to be the most trusted and inspirational fabric store in the world, providing a flawless customer experience through passion and continuous innovation.

Nestled in the suburb of Khar, Mumbai in India , Lhc has ever since grown and so has our shipping locations too. Whether your needs run from embroidered net to silk, linen to satin, velvet to stretch, or anywhere in between, we maintain an enormous in-stock supply of fine fabrics.At any time our warehouse holds millions of yards of fabric. Our stock is continually changing and is peppered with treasures that you may see one day but will be gone the next.

The Latasha Store has long been a favourite of creatives, designers ,television and fashion industry , exporters , home sewers and most importantly our end customers.

Customers can now avail of an extensive range of fabrics at the click of a button and receiving it at their doorstep. 

Our website has enabled those all over the globe access to over 25 years of industry expertise. In addition, we provide "real" people customer service, prompt / reliable shipping, and extraordinary pricing. Shopping at your personal convenience is pretty nice too!

As you tour our website, note our custom designed embroidered nets . Browse our huge selection of stretch fabrics including korean ity lycra and knit moss crepe and much more... We have a vast selection of satin prints

Inspiration is everywhere you look at Latasha ! Along with the wide array of merchandise, Latasha Team Members are eager to provide assistance and answer questions. 

Whether you need help selecting a fabric , or tips on designing , we are here to help you.

Be it walking into the store or shopping online, every experience at Latasha is comfortable and successful.

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